There was a time I wandered around the earth without strong reasons...
not really adventurous, walked through cities by chance.

Was it all about melancholy? --

Later on I thought, maybe that was the only motivation.

Enjoyed the mood, and went nowhere...

It was travelling to myself...

An Essay about Travel - how far one can go after the first journey

Seeing Blue

1999, Heart Lotus Ward introduction

A 4-hour documentary captures the lives of cancer patients in a hospice ward, year 1999,

Year 1999, 21st of September...
A 7.1 rated earthquake hit the whole island of Taiwan...
I was there, at the center of the quake, by chance/fate... on a shooting project with my camera woman...

We did not seek her out, but she appeared
in front of the camera; and we could not help following
her ... in searching for her beloved

It was 23rd of September, 1999, two days after the earthquake

TO LIVE (first part)

A post-typhoon morning, Star Guest House, Kowloon

Lovers' Room